Developing Mobile Games With LibGDX


Video games are currently among the best selling apps on both the App Store and Google Play. Whilst traditionally writing video games has been the domain of professional studios often with large budgets and publisher support, the barriers to game development have in recent years plummeted. The rise of the indie developer and high-powered mobile devices has seen an explosion in smaller-scale video game development. The smartphone app stores are now the most dynamic and interesting video game platforms in the world.

This presentation will take participants through an overview of a multi-platform mobile game development framework called LibGDX. Core concepts of video game design will be discussed along with an outline of the technical challenges that face mobile video game developers. Insights into some of the technical solutions that are provided by the framework such as object pooling, texture atlases and pre-allocated arrays will be demonstrated.

A current game in development (predicted to be 80% completed) will be shown and some of the experiences and ups and downs of developing the game will be shared.


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Sep 26, 2014

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