Develop/Deploy Node Apps with Docker


Node is a fast changing environment that when out of sync has the potential for major headaches. You can solve these problems using Docker to test, build and deploy.Docker is a lightweight, secure, open technology that has changed the way organizations develop and deploy code, and has provided a way for Node development teams to accelerate their productivity levels.Node is a fast changing environment that when out of sync has the potential for major headaches. Windows vs Mac, subtle package variations and node versions can work on one machine but not another.With Docker, however, on-boarding new developers, elimination of environmental inconsistencies, and collaboration all become simple tasks that can save your team pain. Using the Docker ecosystem you can share environments to have everyone using the same platform in no time.While the adoption of Docker has been rapid, there is still confusion on how it works, and how to use it properly to avoid headaches in the future. This workshop will cover some of the basics:* Docker Overview - how it works* Setting up Docker* Building your first image* Using Docker Compose to run multiple containers* Testing with Docker* Deploying your Node appWhile this workshop is specific to Node applications, the final source code will be provided so any one can join. The concepts for Docker are universal and can be applied to other languages as well.


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    Kelly J Andrews, is a developer advocate, currently working at Codeship. Kelly has been tinkering with computers for over 30 years, using BASIC for the first time at the prime age of 5.It wasn't until building his first webpage in 1997, and trying out JavaScript for the first time that he found a true calling. Kelly now fights for JavaScript, testable code, and fast delivery.In his free time you can find him singing karaoke, performing magic, or cheering for the Fighting Irish.

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Jul 20, 2017

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