Deneb is a custom visual that provides access to the Vega and Vega-Lite languages inside Power BI. These languages are "visualization grammars" developed by the University of Washington Interactive Data Lab and use a declarative, JSON-based format. This gives you a lot of power to build a range of bespoke visual designs with significantly less effort than learning web development techniques and coding them from scratch. In this session Daniel will introduce the basic concepts of these languages, and show you how you can use Deneb to start building and iterating your own designs. Kerry will then present some further examples and applications of Deneb to help realize your data stories.


  • Daniel Marsh-Patrick

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    During his career across the UK and New Zealand, Daniel has been helping drive enterprise-wide solutions through process and software engineering; predominantly through Business Intelligence (BI), data visualization and software integration. He is a Microsoft Data Platform MVP, author of free and open-source custom visuals in the Power BI Marketplace, a Power BI Community Super User and regularly presents and blogs on a variety of Power BI subjects.
  • Kerry Kolosko

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    Kerry is a data visualization consultant hailing from Adelaide, South Australia. With a background in psychology and the social sciences and over ten years reporting experience across a range of industries, Kerry brings a considered and creative edge to BI and data visualization.

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Sep 8, 2021

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