Demystifying the .NET Runtime


While most .NET developers know that .NET is an interpreted language, have you ever thought about what that really means? If the language is compiled to an intermediate language (literally called "Microsoft Intermediate Language" or MSIL) and run on a VM, how have they added more features to the language without updating the interpreter? This talk answers all these questions and more. We'll take a deep dive into the differences between the .NET Compiler and .NET Runtime. We'll see what's possible in the compiler, what the runtime can do, and how you can know what's happening where. You'll leave this session with a deeper appreciation of the .NET languages and a clearer sense of how your code really runs.


  • Chris Gardner

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    Chris Gardner is a Senior Products and Platform Engineering Manager for Accenture, the Chairman of the DevSpace Technical Conference and a regular coder. Tortured by years of contracts that valued buzzwords over results, Chris has developed a true passion for finding solutions that fit the problem, not the technology of the week. Chris received his M.S in Computer Science, B.S. in Mathematics, and B.A. in Philosophy from the University of Alabama in Huntsville and is currently a Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer, Professional Developer, Information Technology Professional and Trainer.

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Oct 25, 2022

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