Delivering Continuous Value from the First Iteration


Build a continuous delivery pipeline for your .NET applications. Deploy on-premises, or to the cloud. Your development and testing team will have full control over which version of the software is deployed to which environment.Continuous integration in VSTS. Automated deployment via PowerShell.Iteration Zero! What your product owner hears is ?A whole iteration with zero to show.?Let?s set up a pipeline for delivering value to the product owner. It can be improved over time. It just needs to demonstrate the value of both the product and the process.I?ll walk you through building a value pipeline including source control, unit testing, integration testing, database migration, configuration management, and deployment. We?ll be setting up, Entity Framework, SQL Server, and Azure. You?ll use Git and PowerShell to automate the whole process. It?s a lot of pieces all working together, and a lot of fun to set up.But the real value is in delivering to the product owner a progressively better system. While we are setting up their pipeline, they are giving us feedback on navigation, layout, and information architecture. This feedback will help us improve the product from the very first iteration. And as the product improves, so does the delivery pipeline.


  • Michael L Perry

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    Software is math. Every class is a theorem. The compiler is the proof. And unit tests check our work. Michael wrote The Art of Immutable Architecture, a book on applying mathematics to building distributed systems. Learn more at Michael has recorded Pluralsight courses on Distributed Systems, XAML Patterns, and Cryptography, in addition to Provable Code. Formerly a Microsoft MVP for seven years, he maintains the spoon-bending Assisticant and Jinaga open-source libraries. You can find his videos about distributed systems at And he helps his clients at Improving benefit from the power of software mathematics.

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Jul 20, 2017

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