DBA Fired by the PowerShell Wiz


DBA work usually means you touch many different severs, and you do many mundane tasks. Your main tool for performing work is SSMS. You know all the keyboard shortcuts, which drilldown dialog box has which parameter, and you've got a long list of t-sql script templates to pull out the information you need.

But all of that takes time. There is still a lot of mouse clicking in SSMS. Many times you need to copy data out to further massage it to create a report.

Take a look at some of the great things you can do with PowerShell as a scripting language to let you access settings and make changes. You can make custom changes to your investigative queries much faster with a scripting language than t-sql. PowerShell's object-oriented nature allows for compact code. Learning to use PowerShell to manage SQL Server can save you large amount of time.

This will go over the PowerShell module SqlServer (the replacement of SqlPs) and the benefits of a scripting language.

This will not use DbaTools.io, since that amazing tool deserves its own presentation.

Installing the module SqlServer will not be include. There are many tutorials on how to do this, and there are also a wide range of possible strange issues that are annoying to cover when they don't pertain to you.

Also, the DBA's intelligence is still needed. PowerShell can get you data much faster, but you still need to understand what it means and what settings to change. So a PowerShell wiz probably won't take over a DBA's job, but a DBA with PowerShell knowledge is preferred when hiring for a DBA position.


  • Mike Burek

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    Mike Burek has worked with SQL Server for 25 years. Throughout his career, he has often worked with marketing data. From this, he has experience with various tools for ETL as the industry and programming has changed and matured over time. On the SQL Server side, he has held senior positions in database administration and database programming, focusing on optimization, automation, and increasing the value of data. Outside of work, he also runs the Austin SQL Server user group and makes a big effort to train others to help them grow in their careers.

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Jul 20, 2021

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