D3.js - Pimp your data


D3.js is a data visualization library written in javascript. Charts? Yes. But so much more. With this talk we will take the red pill and learn to wield d3 to start turning our data into impressive visuals.


  • Jonathan Birkholz

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    Jonathan Birkholz (@RookieOne) is a continuously improving software craftsman and an active member of the Houston Alt .Net community. Over the last three years, JB has focused on Windows Presentation Foundation with multiple WPF applications in production. He also regularly contributes at the Virtual Brown Bags with Claudio Lassala (snipr.com/virtualaltnet every Thursday 12pm-1pm central) and presents at user groups. JB hosts the Wizards of Smart (http://rookieone.podbean.com/) podcast with Ryan Riley where they talk conversationally about the software development world. JB blogs at www.theabsentmindedcoder.com.

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Sep 8, 2012

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