Currying in a Hurry (Intro to Functional Programming in F#)


Most of us spend our days coding in object oriented (OO) languages like C#, Java or C++. By looking at other programming paradigms we have an opportunity to reason about problems in different ways, and gain a deeper understanding of what's in our OO toolkit. This talk takes an idiomatic approach to functional programming (FP) using F#. At the end of the talk you'll have a better idea of what FP is, know what "currying" is, and have the information you need to get started with F#.


  • Jeremy Abbott

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    I'm a developer at Shreveport development shop, Praeses, where I work as a project architect, developer, and recruiter. I work hard to deliver clean, extensible, and maintanble solutions to customer's business problems. I'm passionate about software as a profession and craft, and work to cultivate that mindset in my team members through constant training.

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Oct 16, 2015

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