Cross-platform Development with PCLs


Portable class libraries are a great way to maximize code sharing across platforms. With Xamarin having full support for it, there is no reason not to use them. In this session we will be creating a cross-platform application using PCLs and MVVM to maximize our code sharing. We will also be utilizing HttpClient, async/await, and SQLite. If you've never created a mobile application and would like to know where to start or maybe you have but just haven't used any of these new technologies, come to this session and see how to do it all in C#.


  • Seth Valdetero

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    Seth Valdetero is a Senior Developer at Sparkhound, working on web projects. He has recently started working with MVC and prefers it considerably more than web forms. His most recent endeavors have been learning to do cross-platform mobile development in C#.

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Sep 13, 2014

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