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Cosmos DB for the Data Professional


Steve Hughes


So, you have heard the buzz and your development team wants to use Cosmos DB. But what does that mean to you? As your company’s data architect or DBA, you are ultimately responsible for things like data security, query performance, scale, costs, and availability. Your management wants you to handle all data assets. This will be an opportunity to be introduced to Cosmos DB and understand some of the areas that matter most to a DBA in an enterprise. Not only will we cover enterprise topics, but we will create a Cosmos DB using the SQL API and demo some of the capabilities. The world of data is still changing, this is one area to understand as the technology marches on. What you will learn: Basics of Cosmos DB, the what, where and how, Enterprise considerations for the data pro when using Cosmos DB, How to create a Cosmos DB and get more hands on experience with the technology


Steve Hughes is the Principal Consultant Lead at Pragmatic Works. In his current role, he helps customers shape their vision for data and analytics in the cloud. He has worked with data and business intelligence architecture on the Microsoft SQL Server platform for over 15 years and in the past few years, he has focused on Power BI and data solutions in Azure. He was also the data architect for a SaaS company which delivered a transportation management solution for fleets across the United States. Steve has co-authored three books and delivered multiple presentations on SQL Server and data architecture over the past ten years.

Recorded At:

SQL Saturday 766 Houston 2018

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