Codd's Rules, Normal Forms, and SQL Anti-Patterns - Recognition & Repair


In 1970 E.F. Codd presented a seminal set of ideas now known as the Relational Model of Data. Revolutionary for its time, these notions would give rise to many of the database engines of today including SQL Server. Too many software developers and database designers though are unfamiliar with these ideas or do not know how to effectively apply them. This presentation reviews Codd's rules and the relational normal forms; explains the differences between the relational model of data and the SQL database engines these ideas inspired; identifies some of the SQL anti-patterns that avoidance of these rules and normal forms gives rise to; and discusses both technical and organizational strategies for improving existing applications and their associated database designs and implementations.


  • Ken Clement

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    Ken Clement has been an I.T. professional for over three decades in roles including software and database design, development, analysis, architecture, and management. He has successfully applied these technologies to diverse problem domains and in the process acquired a firm practical and theoretical understanding of the often opposing developer and database professional perspectives. While he has worked with several database technologies, the most notable is SQL Server which he has been involved with practically from its inception. He has over the years been a technical presenter at various conferences.

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May 14, 2016

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