Cloud Adoption Framework


Building out your environment in the cloud can quickly become a mess. Microsoft has developed the Cloud Adoption Framework as a "best practices" guide for cloud adoption and to enable success during your cloud adoption journey. The Microsoft Cloud Adoption Framework for Azure can help companies become more efficient at any stage of their cloud journey. Whether they are just starting, migrating their infrastructure from on-prem, or have several resources deployed in their environment. Come to this session and join in the discussion to see an overview of these many capabilities in Azure as well as a demo of the process. This will be an interactive, demo-heavy session. ZERO prior knowledge on these topics is assumed.


  • Zeb Frantzich

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    Zebulon is from Omaha, Nebraska. He worked as a software developer for 5 years and recently moved to a Pre-Sales Cloud Engineer and Customer Success role, where he helps companies adopt the public cloud and operationalize the Cloud Adoption Framework steps. Zeb's hobbies include walking his dog, talking cryptocurrency, and reading sci-fi/fantasy.

  • Charlie Cuddy

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    Charlie currently works at OpsCompass, a cloud security posture management leader, as a pre-sales cloud engineer with an emphasis on client success services. OpsCompass serves as an operations guide to modern enterprises that seek to preserve the advantages of the cloud without sacrificing compliance, security, or their ability to manage costs. Prior to working at OpsCompass, Charlie spent a decade as a high school math and computer science teacher as well as a head cross country and track coach. He is passionate about learning, and helping others recognize and reach their full potential.

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Jul 21, 2020

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