Qarina Mannaf

Qarina is a Senior Business Analyst, Project Manager, and Professional Scrum Master at Improving, an Agile Software Consulting Company, based in Houston, Texas. She is heavily involved setting up good Agile and Scrum practices for many of our clients. She is also actively engaged in client assessments and understanding ways we can incorporate Agile and Scrum practices into their software and product development needs. She leads cross-functional teams and help companies reach their project and product goals and deadlines. She is also a fantasy fanatic, and loves hiking and spending time outdoors. So much, that she went on a 40-mile hike in New Zealand to trek through Mordor, and hike the top of Mount Doom in 100 KM/H gale force winds. When she is not daydreaming about being a Hobbit, she enjoys running, board-games, and reading novels.