Mark Watson

Mark Leon Watson ( is a SENIOR AGILE SOFTWARE, INFRASTRUCTURE & PROCESS ENGINEER, with over 23 years of professional experience in many industries, companies and domains (e.g. accounting, banking, consulting, education, entertainment, environment, finance, identity, insurance, geographic, government, inventory/warehouse management, IT, loans, management, mapping, marketing, media, oil & gas, retail, sales, security, etc).

I help people and organizations grow by providing effective business solutions using agile, pragmatic and lean software engineering methods bound with my many years of domain wisdom & expertise. I look forward to speaking with you about any exciting opportunities that will allow me to contribute to your success, too!

On a personal note I am also a Lean Thinker, Entrepreneur, Artist, Musician (guitar, bass, drums), Hunter, xTreme Sports Fan/Participant, Unschooler and Dad. You can easily find @MarkLeonWatson tweeting away all day. :)