Daniel Lioznyansky

Daniel Lioznyansky is an experienced Business Consultant who integrates technical expertise with business know how and is a co-founder of Zont Services which provides business users SharePoint support on a per user/month subscription model. Over the last 20 years, he has worked with large Fortune 100 companies, big 5 consulting companies, start-ups and everything in between. From academia and government agencies to O&G, Supply Chain/Logistics, Financial and Service companies. Daniel has recently done extensive work in Knowledge Management and Gamification arenas of business consulting. What he and a number of top consultants have found was that the business follow-through on SharePoint implementations, once the project has completed, was always missing the long term support aspect which didn’t maximize the SharePoint’s value extraction. SharePoint implementations diminished in value over time instead of increasing due to lack of continual business user support, thus he co-founded Zont Services to fill in this gap. You can connect with Daniel on LinkedIn or on Twitter @DanielLioz.