Casablanca will take your C++ to the Cloud and beyond


C++ was designed to combine portability, speed, and light weight abstractions. These traits have lead to C++ being the language of choice when performance, reliability, and control are required. Casablanca is a new set of libraries from Microsoft which amongst other things brings Modern C++ to the Cloud as a first class player. Additionally, Casablanca makes a great set of libraries to perform network communications within any network, not just the cloud. In line with Microsoft's initiative to contribute proposals to the C++ standard libraries, Casablanca is written for Modern C++, and thus provides clean and safe libraries to write high performance reliable network applications. The presentation will begin with an overview of Casablanca with a special focus on Casablanca's implementation the Erlang actor system. Then we will proceed to build a working Casablanca client and server application to see it the libraries in action.


  • David Cravey

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    David Cravey is the lead software developer at Vivicom where he is responsible for the design and architecture of several server, client, and embedded data acquisition products. He also leads the Houston Visual C++ User Group and was recently awarded a Microsoft MVP for Visual C++.

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Sep 11, 2012

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