C.S. Education and Preparing Students


Join our panel discussion as we explore the current state of Computer Science education and how we can prepare students for the working world. Some of the questions to be discussed: How do you feel regarding the introduction of computer science in the education system? Has this peaked an interested in tech fields? From an employer perspective, are you satisfied with computer science education programs today? Are you satisfied with the level of Educator training available? What could be different? What is your current experience/opinion regarding the number of female and minorities enrolled in computer science classes? Are there things we can do to encourage more enrollment for under represented groups?


  • Cindy Ashcraft

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    Cindy Ashcraft joined Euronet in 1998 subsequent to the company's acquisition of ARKSYS. Appointed Managing Director of the Company's Payments Software segment in 2004, Cindy is responsible for the management, operations and strategic planning for the Software segment, headquartered in Little Rock, and servicing over 120 global financial institutions in addition to the Euronet EFT business segments.

  • Brenda Qualls

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    Brenda Qualls is a National Board Certified teacher who has been teaching computer science for 12 years. She is the 2016-2017 Bryant High School Teacher of the Year.

  • Louis Frederick

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    Louis Frederick is a software developer with over 20 years of experience in programming and database design. He is currently an instructor at Arkansas Coding Academy.

  • Allison Nicholas

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    Allison Nicholas serves as Director of Recruiting for PrivacyStar, a First Orion company. She was recently transitioned to the role of Board Chair of the Arkansas STEM Coalition.

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Oct 6, 2017

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