Building software is a Team Sport: Women In Tech


In this panel discussion we’d like to explore the human trends technology workplace. IT is a young and creative space, which values hard work and smart ideas over fitting-in. Yet it appears that women are largely left on the sidelines. Lets talk about the factors that affect women’s decisions to join and remain in this career field. A lot of women get into technology early on, receive a good education, and stay in the workforce throughout most of their lives. Technology industry is growing, with more opportunities for skilled dedicated professionals available now than ever before. However, the number of women in Tech has decreased over time. What is stopping more women from joining and staying in the field? What can we, as a community, do differently to encourage more people (and more women) to consider technology as a career choice, and then persevere and succeed in technology? Ideas range from education to mentorship programs, culture, family-oriented benefits, and others.


  • Jane Prusakova

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    I am a software architect and developer, an Agile proponent, and a great believer in building valuable software that users will love to use. I build large back-end systems that require high-performance and high-reliability, and process vast amounts of data. I believe that successful software is created by strong teams, requires good engineering practices, and evolves in close collaboration with the users.

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Sep 12, 2015

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