Building modular enterprise scale AngularJS applications


AngularJS enables developers to rapidly build single page applications. However, the framework leaves many decisions to development teams including structuring content, script loading, and module management. When building large scale applications for businesses and enterprises this can quickly become challenging to maintain, test, iterate, and extend. 

The talk will focus on best practices and strategies for structuring large AngularJS applications, maintainable code styling for modular code, and introduce tools and strategies for teams to effectively build, package, deliver, and deploy in an enterprise environment.


  • Jonathan Fontanez

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    Senior software engineer at VCE and technical lead for the Vision HTML5 application for multi converged system management. Passionate about web development from an early age as well as all things software. Hobbies include reading about new technology, video games, and spending time with my family.

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Oct 16, 2015

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