Bookmarks in Power BI - Everything you need to know


Bookmarks are the best thing since sliced bread! You don’t believe me? Maybe this session will change your mind. I know that bookmarks can be a bit overwhelming sometimes… Understanding all the different options and tricks you can use to create awesome reports, and especially managing and updating bookmarks can seem like a task that came directly from Mission Impossible. In this session, I will go through all the ins and outs of creating bookmarks, and how you can use different bookmark combinations to create awesome reporting solutions that not only look good, but that also significantly improve user experience. And if you’re thinking “creating bookmarks is not a problem, the problem is updating them”, worry not! I will also share how easy updating bookmarks can be if you’re smart in the way you group your visuals. Believe me, this will be a game changer if you struggle with updating your bookmarks. By the end of this session, you will be a pro in Power BI bookmarks!


  • Mara Pereira

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    Mara is the Founder of Data Pears, a blog and YouTube channel where she frequently posts blogs and videos about Power BI, Data Visualisation and Data Analytics. Mara loves everything around data visualisation and report design and her main goal is to change the world of reporting, one report at a time. She believes that effective reporting solutions are more than just data and charts, they are a beautiful combination of data, insights, and user experience. After working with Power BI for 6+ years, she decided to embark on an entrepreneurship journey, with the focus on guiding enterprise customers and individuals on their Power BI journeys. Before that, she was a Cloud Solutions Architect for Data & AI at Microsoft.

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Apr 12, 2023

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