Beyond Monoliths and Microservices


What if the secret to building good distributed applications wasn't in the latest container management technology? What if you had to connect the dots between a 1950's era fighter pilot, the social history of late medieval Europe, double entry bookkeeping, and a vast empire with no written language? No, this isn't the world weirdest conspiracy theory. Rather, humans have been building complex systems since we became human. Distributed applications are just a specialized case of complex human technology. Come find out how to apply the hard-earned knowledge of those who have gone before us and stop reinventing the wheel.


  • John Cavnar-Johnson

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    John is a software architect and has been leading development teams for over 25 years. He's currently working for Improving in Houston as a principal consultant. He speaks frequently at conferences and user groups on topics as varied as agile practices, IoT, enterprise software, and functional programming. When he's not designing, writing, or talking software, you can usually find him reading and drinking craft beer.

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May 5, 2018

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