Being Lazy in the Cloud - Finding Efficiencies in AWS to Make Life Easier


AWS provides a wide array of tools and methodologies for hosting your infrastructure in the cloud. Out of the box, however, I've found myself wishing things that should be simple would be just that...simple! I'll walk you through some of the inefficiencies encountered by the normal user and how to overcome those. I'll show you some examples of AWS-provided time savers as well as some home-grown processes. I'll provide any code I demo on my github account for use after my talk and will provide links to write-ups on how to perform each task I demo. Did I mention I will demo each of these LIVE?


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    My name is Nick Volgas and I'm a software developer turned sys-admin wannabe. I started using AWS for both work and personal projects in 2015 and have spent a large amount of my time automating and tooling myself out of having to work in any way possible. I've gotten both an AWS Solutions Architect Associate certification as well as an AWS DevOps Professional certification. I'm currently the Director of IT Operation at the Information Network of Arkansas and this is my second year presenting at LR Tech Fest. I am originally from Memphis, TN and moved to Little Rock, AR in 2011 after graduating from Rhodes College. In my free time I enjoy home brewing beer, mountain biking, off-roading, traveling, spending time with my wife, and trying to eat at every restaurant in town.

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Oct 6, 2017

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