Beginning Azure


The cloud is here! Are you ready? Microsoft, Amazon and others are all vying for your cloud attention. In this session, we will review the different types of cloud platforms available and what they mean to you. We will pay close attention to Microsoft’s Azure platform that offers two hosting solutions. What are these hosting options and what are the differences between them? Most importantly, how do I get started with all of this cloud business? Let's put SQL Server into the cloud!


  • Tom Norman

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    Tom Norman, Database Architect / DBA, KPA. In 1998, Tom changed his career focus to begin working with SQL Server. He has worked in all aspects of SQL Server including Administration, Database Development, BI and Reporting Services. He has worked in the Finance and Compliance industry. His experience has included International deployments. Tom is the leader of the PASS Virtualization chapter and the past President of the Denver SQL Server User Group.

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May 14, 2016

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