Batch Mode Improvements Leveraging Modern Hardware


Batch mode was introduced in SQL 2012 and it revolutionized query performance on analytical data. We don't speak that often on this, but the SQL team does do improvements each release to make scenarios faster. This talk will go into some details about how modern hardware is evolving and how SQL leverages those advances to deliver best-in-class performance through its batch mode engine. This talk will go deep into hardware design and behavior, but it is intended to be accessible to those without a deep computer science background.


  • Conor Cunningham

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    Conor has been working on building database engines for 25 years at Microsoft. He has worked on features such as the Query Store, Table Partitioning, Window Functions, PIVOT/UNPIVOT, DMVs, and many others. Conor served as the Breadth Architect for shipping SQL Server 2016, 2017 and 2019 and still serves as an architect across the engine on challenging architectural issues. Conor is based in Austin, Texas (USA) and also serves as the Engineering Site Leader as we build a new engineering site there. His team there recently delivered a number of T-SQL language extensions into SQL Server 2022 and SQL Azure as well as doing the AVX-512 performance improvements that shipped in SQL Server 2022. Currently he is working on Synapse Data Warehouse and future database architectures.

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Feb 25, 2023

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