Backups for non-DBAs...the Why, not the How


Join me and get some new perspective on what your DBA is doing, and why! Targeted at the non-DBA such as BI/DW folks, Application Developers, Managers, and System Admins, this session will go over the reasons we back up our databases, our systems, etc. Considerations such as Single points of failure, High Availability/Disaster recovery, Business Continuity and others will be discussed in this interactive conversation. It will be conversation heavy, with supporting slides to download, and one Database backup demo at the end if time permits. Everyone involved in a technical role needs to at least know that the things they have created will be recoverable in the event of a disaster, or even just an "oops" moment. The CIO/CTO should know how long critical systems will be down when bad things happen. Backups are everyone's responsibility...whether asking the right questions or implementing the process.


  • Kevin Hill

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    I have been working with Microsoft Database technologies since 1994, in Design, Data Modeling, Development and Administration. 18 years of that time have been with SQL Server, going all the way back to 6.5. I find that I am most passionate about the Admin and HA/DR side, but will still dive into design when called upon. The Azure cloud is exciting and I believe is the future of SQL Server. I love teaching new and accidental DBAs all of the things I didn't know when I started.

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Jun 17, 2017

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