Azure SQL Database - Lessons learned from the trenches


In this session you will learn the best practices, tips and tricks on how to successfully use Azure SQL Database on production environments. You will learn how to monitor and improve Azure SQL Database query performance. I will cover how Microsoft CSS has been using Query Store, Extended Events, Azure SQL Database Advisor to help customers monitor and improve query response times when running their databases in the Microsoft Azure cloud. These learnings are all fruit of CSS support cases, and customer field engagements. This session includes several demos.


  • Roberto Cavalcanti

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    Roberto Cavalcanti is a Sr. Support Escalation Engineer with the Azure SQL Database with Microsoft CSS. He is a database specialist with over 20 years working in the database industry. Since joining Microsoft CSS SQL Escalation team in 2008, Roberto has been passionate about customer support with the use of technology to resolve business issues. He has been supporting Azure SQL Database since 2010, when it was still called SQL Azure. Roberto has written many articles about Azure SQL Database for MSDN/TechNet, SQL Magazine, and has been a speaker in Microsoft internal and external events such as TechReady, Microsoft Insights/TechEd, SQL Saturday, and has delivered SQL training to many Microsoft SQL Support Engineers in multiple countries.

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Mar 4, 2017

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