Azure Logic Apps: Innovating on B2B Connectivity


Code-less orchestration and integration that scales is often sought after when it comes to creating an elegant integration solution. Azure Logic Apps provides exactly that where developers or integration experts (or novices) can create custom integration solutions easily and quickly with drag-and-drop functionality and out of the box integrations native to Azure as well as external to Azure.

A subset of this is implementing and orchestrating an elegant B2B solution. B2B and EDI is so common across industries, and Azure Logic Apps provides an incredible way to create a scalable solution for B2B integrations.

You will learn:

  • What Azure Logic Apps is
  • Benefits of Azure Logic Apps
  • How to create B2B solutions using Azure Logic Apps including partner management
  • How to enable AS2 connectivity (and other connectivity) for inbound and outbound EDI communication

Who should attend:

  • IT leaders looking to implement a scalable B2B solution
  • Developers who have struggled with trading partner management or B2B implementations

Reasons to attend:

  • Find your scalable B2B integration solution
  • Discuss and alleviate common pain points in creating B2B solutions
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  • Aaron Lieberman

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    Aaron’s passion for technology and for enriching connectivity between people and between systems drives him to find innovative ways to help advance organizations through technology. Aaron is the Cloud Practice Manager and an Architect at Big Compass. He has rich experience in a variety of integration environments. He brings a unique integration background where he has worked with multiple technologies to deliver creative implementations in the cloud.

    Aaron has led various implementations as a developer, architect, and development manager, so he brings the perspective of each role to every project to align people around a common goal. Aaron is also very involved in the integration community where he leads two Meetups: Denver MuleSoft Meetup and All Things Integration. He uses these Meetups to bring people together to create a community, share knowledge, and enhance collaboration. This platform allows him to engage the local community and beyond to spread knowledge and thought leadership while connecting people and ideas.

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Jul 20, 2021

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