Azure Event Hub & Stream Analytics with Power BI


In this session we will walk participants through pushing data to an Azure Event Hub using a Python Program, pulling the data out of the Event Hub using Azure Stream Analytics and visualizing the data in real time in Power BI. At the end of the session participants will be provided a link on GitHub that contains a sample Python program to push events to an event hub and a sample Azure Stream Analytics Query as well as step by step instructions to set it up so they will have a working demo that they can customize to include any data they prefer.


  • Sha Kanjoor Anandan

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    Sha Kanjoor Anandan is a 'Cloud Solutions Architect' at Microsoft specialized on 'Advanced Analytics & AI'. He is part of Microsoft Customer Success Unit and helps enterprise customers in architecting Big Data and Analytics solutions using Microsoft Azure. Over his last 12 years at Microsoft, he has gained a variety of skills including data warehouses, olap, nosql, data lakes, massively parallel processing databases and data visualizations.

  • Mark Moore

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    Mark Moore is a Cloud Solution Architect at Microsoft, Mark has been in the industry for 35+ years and has been with Microsoft for the past 27 years. Mark resides in the DFW area.

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Aug 18, 2020

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