Azure API Management


Azure API Management (APIM) is be used as the front door towards services that run on Azure Kubernetes Service, Azure Web Services, Functions but also towards on premise services. This session will help you to understand APIM, so you can deploy your APIs and secure your services. I will start by introducing Azure API Management to those that are not so familiar with this service. Once we have a common understanding - after 10min or so - I will tell you about the early days in Vipps where we were just a couple of developers, a GIANT service and APIM. Then, we will continue on with how we used APIM to create a modular service infrastructure with APIM. We talk about policies, logging, and how we can maintain APIM.


  • Sven Malvik

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    Sven Malvik is Head of Cloud Platform at Vipps. He has worked in Vipps -with Azure- for the last two years. Sven has spoken at MS Build 2019, Javazone, NDC, and many more conferences about Azure services.

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Jan 19, 2021

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