Automated Browser Testing From The Trenches


Automated browser testing is historically difficult, buggy, fragile, and slow. If you have ever tried automated browser testing, or if you are currently on a project that uses automated browser testing, then you’ve likely experienced some of these pain points or others. Come learn how to craft automated browser tests that not only hurt less, but provide valuable feedback to your development cycle. We will also include a walk through of Coypu — a natural language and robustness wrapper for Selenium.


  • Eric Anderson

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    Eric is president of Vector241 – a consultancy that specializes in helping teams deliver better software predictably. He enjoys leading teams to development practices that produce robust software and processes that produce predictable results. Eric has also spoken at multiple conferences. His presentation topics include software testing, detecting architectural mistakes, and continuous integration. Besides consulting, Eric spends his time mashing different technologies together, coaching youth baseball, woodworking, and investing as much time as possible with his wife and four children.

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Jul 11, 2016

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