Augmenting Reality on the Backs of Giants


Mobile is infiltrating every facet of modern life in ways that not so long ago we could barely imagine. One of the most interesting mobile technologies evolving today is Augmented Reality ? a technology that literally wasn't practically possible until we could shrink a video camera, a touch screen, a GPS, accelerometers, wireless networking, and serious graphical and general computing power into a palm sized consumer electronic device. Augmented Reality is enabling software developers to build engaging immersive apps that connect users with their physical surroundings in new and exciting ways by integrating a variety of data into the physical world through the magic of their mobile phone. At it's core Augmented Reality requires beyond PhD level computer science genius in a variety of areas including computer vision, 3D modeling, and artificial intelligence. Lucky for us, those geniuses have produced lots of toolkits, frameworks and apps that allow us mere mortals to more easily integrate Augmented Reality into our apps. This session will survey the landscape of available Augmented Reality tools for mobile platforms (iOS and Android) with a specific look at one of the more popular libraries, Qualcomm's AR framework, Vuforia.


  • Matt Galloway

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    Matt Galloway is a contract cross platform mobile developer and the founder of Tulsa based startup Architactile which develops innovating iPad applications for the architecture, engineering and construction industry. Matt is a cofounder of the the local user group Mobile Tulsa ( which focuses on the commercial application of mobile technologies. Matt will eat almost anything except raisons, oatmeal in the porridge format and liver.

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Oct 12, 2012

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