ASP.NET Roadmap: One ASP.NET – Web Forms, MVC, Web API, and more


Interesting new solutions to internet problems continue to emerge. Realtime, Web APIs, mobile, Gmail-style apps in a single page, and hybrids are the norm. Time to abandon .NET? Let's look at what Microsoft ASP.NET brings to today's Worldwide Web. Microsoft .NET is unquestionably and demonstrably able to scale to monster heights, but can it compete in a realtime and JavaScript heavy world? How will your ASP.NET applications change and what about your existing stuff? Join us as we break down the technologies that you - the ASP.NET developer - have in your toolbox and how to solve today's problems while still having fun and not selling your soul. Does it all fit together into One ASP.NET?


  • Scott Hunter

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    Scott Hunter is responsible for the Microsoft’s .NET platform, which includes the .NET Framework, .NET Core, ASP.NET, Entity Framework, .NET Tools, Web Tools and the managed languages (C#, F# and VB). Prior to leading the .NET Platform, Hunter helped the Azure Developer Experience team build the Azure SDK’s, App Service Tooling, Azure Redis Cache, Azure API Management, ASP.NET, Entity Framework and the Web Tooling. In his spare time he loves hiking mountains in Washington State and around the world.

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Sep 8, 2012

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