Analyzing memory dumps of .NET applications


When an application stops working as expected in production, few options are available. Sometimes it is not possible to debug, and the bugs are not reproducible on development machines. When that happens, it is not easy to understand the inner workings of the problem, and a memory dump is an excellent tool to help find the bug. In this session you will learn what a memory dump is, how to create one, analyze it, and in what scenarios it can be useful.


  • Giovanni Bassi

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    Software architect and developer, agilist, rock climber. Giovanni is founder and Chief Software Architect of Lambda3 in Brazil. He is passionate about software development, and he believes self managed teams are more efficient and productive than outside managed ones. He was awarded as a Microsoft MVP more than ten years ago, and has 20+ years or experience developing software. He has spoken around the world on conferences, user groups and online about .NET, microservices, JavaScript, Ruby, Node.js, frontend and backend development, agile development and many other topics. He leads some user groups in Brazil on topics such as .NET, and Docker.

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Jan 26, 2021

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