An Introduction to AngularJS Forms Validation


This presentation will provide you with the core knowledge needed to build fantastic forms in AngularJS by leveraging the framework's existing functionality and how to expand upon it to handle more complex validation tasks. Topics to be covered include: The AngularJS Form Controller Existing Validation Directives Displaying of Error Messages Enabling and Disabling of Submit Buttons Building Custom Validation Directives


  • Jim Lavin

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    Jim Lavin is the Chief Technology Officer of orderTalk Inc. one of the leading online ordering service providers in the restaurant industry. Jim has more than 30 years of software development experience and along with his team has spent the last six months re-architecting orderTalk’s existing online ordering product using AngularJS. Jim is also the leader of the Dallas/Fort Worth Area AngularJS Meetup Group and has presented to several past Dallas/Fort Worth Technical Conferences.

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Jun 14, 2014

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