An Entry Guide into Data Science


Have you ever wondered how to start in the data science realm? There are thousands of different courses and several different certificates in the data science realm. What are the relevant tools and programming languages that a developer needs to know when getting into field? In this session we will discuss these key points: The most helpful online courses on introducing Data Science, The difference between programming languages, The tools available for creating data models, The key certificates available


  • Becky Isserman

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    Becky Isserman has been in the technology field, since she graduated from college in 2005. She has the trifecta of Azure certifications. She has worked with technologies such as Azure, .Net, Python, Power BI, and SharePoint. She is entering her journey into the realm of Data Science by taking various Coursera, Udemy, and Datacamp courses. She currently works is a free agent. You can reach her at or @UndiscoveredDev on twitter.

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Mar 13, 2019

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