Amazon Web Services vs. Rackspace vs. Azure Smackdown


You might be tempted to think that Cloud infrastructure is a commodity once your VM image is launched. Not true. The big 3 -- actually, it's the big 1, plus 2 others -- have crucial differences that can make or break your project. This session will help you identify them.


  • Mark Brandon

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    Mark is a co-founder of StackSearch, an NWA home-grown startup specializing in faceted-search-as-a-service. He has also been a tireless booster of NWA's startup scene. Along with directing NWA TechFest, he also helps the NWA Startup community with Razorcloud, a non-profit effort that makes cloud infrastructure available for free to Arkansas startups. You can find him most days officing from The Iceberg.

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Aug 24, 2012

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