Agile = No Planning = Bull$h!t


A common misconception is that Agile teams don't plan. Reese is here to tell you, that's bull$h!t. Agile teams plan all the time, but they focus on doing so at the right time and the right fidelity. How long did it take you to plan your last six-month project before the team started working? Weeks? Months?! What if Reese said that in 45 minutes she could teach you how to plan that six-month project in 10% of the time it would have taken you to plan the old way? During this learning-packed workshop, you will learn how to plan the Agile way. Using a real project, you will build a backlog, estimate that backlog, prioritize it, order it based on ROI, capacity plan, and track to completion. The goal is to not deliver a plan. The goal is to deliver value. So join Reese in learning how to plan at the right time, in less time, so your teams can get to the delivering value part that really matters.


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    Reese Schmit is an Agile Coach at Agile Velocity. Over that past 15 years, she's worked her way around just about every side of software development, from User Experience Designer to Product Manager, QA Engineer to Scrum Master. The knowledge gained from each of these roles allows her to frame problems from different perspectives and foster change through empathy. As an Agile Coach, she has worked to help organizations drive customer value, transparency, and collaboration and to motivate teams to continuously improve. When she's not coaching, Reese is helping to run the Agile Austin Monthly Meeting or building the program for Scrum Gathering 2019. When she's not doing that, she is either chasing her tiny human girl or two canine boys around, hanging with her amazing husband, brewing beer, or, if by some miracle she gets to sit down, knitting.

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May 24, 2018

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