Actor based distributed caching model using Microsoft Orleans


This talk will cover a mechanism to implement an actor based distributed caching model using Microsoft Orleans. Including use cases to support both external caching as well as in-process caching. It will also touch up on design for multiple data structures like key-values, hash collections, and hierarchical sets with support for persistence and notifications.


  • Irfan Gilani

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    Irfan Gilani is a Lead Architect of the NorthStar Acceleration program at Dell technologies. In his current role he leads the globalization and modernization of Dell's sales ecosystem. Irfan has led several digital transformation initiatives for Dell and has expertise in the domains of e-commerce, product data modelling, messaging frameworks and distributed systems architecture. Throughout his career he has championed innovation across global engineering teams, incepted ideas of lean software development methods, and promoted cloud-native software designs. Before joining Dell, Irfan gained several years of experience in the gaming and entertainment industry delivering highly scalable server-based gaming platforms for hundreds of casinos around the globe. Irfan has earned a Master’s degree in the field of Computer Science from Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago and currently lives in Austin, Texas with his young family.
  • Gopi Kandhadi

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    Experienced enterprise architect with a demonstrated history of working in the information technology and services industry. Strong engineering professional skilled in building Event-Sourced/Eventing Systems, SOA, web-based applications, distributed n-tier applications, web to host integration, OLAP, and Data Warehousing. I have performed multiple roles throughout my career, including Team Lead and Lead Architect.
  • Mohammad Sadiq

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    A passionate technology leader, architect designing cloud-based, highly scalable and performant sales experience and innovative solutions. Experience in driving delivery of critical business outcomes, enterprise distributed and scalable architecture.

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Aug 9, 2021

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