Accessing a TFS Git Repo Programmatically


Now that TFS 2013 supports Git there is a need to replicate on top of this new storage infrastructure the same kind automation that has been well known to TFS users for the past 8 years, for instance, build scripts and other administrative operations so that you can transparently access the repos, the same you can do with TFS Source Control. This talk explores some of the existing options, plus how-tos with code samples, and gotchas.


  • Clementino de Mendonca

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    Clementino de Mendonca is a Microsoft Visual Studio ALM Champ and member of the Visual Studio ALM Rangers. He worked with Microsoft for 8 years, first as an onsite Application Development Consultant at Dell, and in the last 4 years as part of the Microsoft Services National ALM Team. He was also part of the Visual Studio Process Team in 2007, where he worked on the early design of the process templates shipped with Visual Studio 2010.

    Clementino has a passion for software engineering on all levels, from OS internals to coding, design and application architecture. His main focus is on Software Development Process Improvement, Application Lifecycle Management, and Agile Software Development. Clementino lives in Austin and loves spending time with his wife Juliana and daughter Isabella

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Apr 11, 2014

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