A Tale of Two Clouds: Building An App Across AWS and Azure


Today's enterprise cloud consumers have a difficult decision to make when deciding where to deploy their application workloads: AWS, Azure or both? Both platforms share many similar services but have critical differences that are important to understand. More and more cloud consumers are looking to build applications that are 'cloud portable' due to a general 'fear of commitment' to one cloud platform over another and as part of a larger HA/DR strategy. This desire to embrace more than one cloud platform is one that, as trusted technical advisors, we cannot afford to ignore. In this session, geared specifically toward cloud architects, Casey Watson, Senior Program Manager with the Azure Customer Advisory Team at Microsoft, discusses an approach to building complex, distributed applications that can be deployed to multiple cloud providers, take advantage of PaaS services and are easy to maintain. Casey will begin the session by discussing the key differences between the two cloud providers and offer some tips for having a multi-cloud conversation with your customers. Next, he will walk the audience through a multi-cloud architecture highlighting key platform differences then dive deep into Visual Studio to show how an actual, real-world solution would be implemented. Finally, Casey will review the deployment of a multi-cloud solution. After this session, you will be able to explain to your customers how to implement a solution that spans multiple clouds, articulate the key differences between Azure and AWS, and help customers decide upon the optimal cloud architecture that meets their business requirements.


  • Casey Watson

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    As a Senior Program Manager with the Azure Customer Advisory Team (AzureCAT) at Microsoft, Casey is dedicated to educating and partnering with GSIs to help build world-class Azure practices. Prior to joining the team, he worked closely with ISVs across the country to help build innovative solutions on the Azure, Office 365 and Windows 10 platforms. Casey considers himself a "cloud polyglot", holding both MCSD: Azure Solutions Architect and AWS Cloud Solutions Architect certifications. Casey is a developer at heart and, prior to joining Microsoft, consulted with companies across the country building applications of all shapes and sizes on the Microsoft platform. As an avid member of the local developer community, he enjoys presenting at conferences and user groups. Casey is also an active open source contributor and is the author of Mantle, a .NET-based cloud abstraction framework that makes it simple for organizations to build portable cloud-based applications (http://github.com/caseywatson/mantle). When not talking about, writing about or building applications for the cloud, Casey enjoys spending quality time with his beautiful wife, daughter, three cats and one giant dog in Fort Worth, TX.

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Jul 20, 2017

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