A Discussion on DevOps


Ever heard of DevOps, but aren't sure what it is or why it's incredibly important? Come find out what it means to continuously deliver software, to operate at velocity, and how this will fundamentally transform businesses. We'll discuss the concepts behind DevOps, how it relates to both startups and enterprises, and talk about why it's more than good for just Dev and Infra.


  • Pete Buletza

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    Pete Buletza is a Founder and Managing Partner of Elyxor, where he spends most of his time implementing DevOps solutions, helping companies delivery software faster and with higher quality. Pete got his start working on TurboTax and WebTurboTax at Intuit in San Diego; he later returned to Boston to enter the world of startups and has spent the last 15 years architecting, building, and managing the teams that provide the technology which make entrepreneurs visions a reality. He spent several years as the System Architect of high volume, scalable systems, most notably at Celarix and Espanol.com. His focus over the past 8 years has been solving end-to-end business problems and delivering value quickly through modern technology patterns. Pete holds a BA in Computer Science from Harvard University.

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Oct 16, 2015

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