3 Lessons Learned in Successful Consulting


I would like to share the 3 lessons I learned that helped me become a much better consultant. These lessons were crucial in helping me make that "mind shift" from thinking like a regular "9 to 5 DBA" to thinking like a consultant. The goal of this session is to help those who are interested in becoming a consultant. Hopefully these 3 lessons will help make that transition successful as it did for me.


  • Mohammad Darab

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    My name is Mohammad Darab. I’m a SQL Server Consultant with over 18 years of IT professional experience, 10+ years of that working with SQL Server. Some areas of focus are: database engine, HA/DR, and security. I’m an MCITP 2008, MCP 2016 (currently working towards my MCSE SQL Server 2016.)

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May 19, 2018

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