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You’re Not Here, Have No Fear – Agile for Distributed Teams


Paul Brownell


Agile is built on collaboration – How do you make this work with distributed teams? Distributed teams are a reality in the software industry. Whether you have remote team members or just occasional work-from-home, it takes extra effort to overcome distance and keep your Agile collaboration effective. At GAP we have created hundreds of Agile teams, all of which have one or more remote members. It varies from something as simple as a remote Product Owner to something as complex as a spread across three countries. Come learn the best practices we have developed for overcoming distance with our Agile teams.


For Paul Brownell, the sky’s the limit. Be it application development or skydiving, Paul recognizes that vision, dreams, and action are required to achieve results. Paul joined Growth Acceleration Partners (GAP) in 2009 to establish processes to mold a client’s vision and concepts into applications that exceed expectations. Paul specializes in Agile software development and outsourcing, two strategies that result in superior-quality software developed on-time with high levels of customer satisfaction. His goal is to always exceed client expectations, solve business problems. and turn the unimaginable into what is real and valuable. At GAP, he has led hundreds of projects including the development of mobile and cloud-based applications geared for healthcare, consumer, and business-to-business users. He reiterates that app dev does not have to be chaotic or costly, as proven by GAP’s success and client roster. Before joining GAP, Paul served as product line director for BMC Software, where he established world-class processes in outsourcing and Agile Scrum development for teams in the United States and around the globe. Under Paul’s leadership, his teams achieved double-digit revenue growth and the company’s highest customer satisfaction ratings. Paul earned a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering from the University of Tennessee. He serves on the boards of directors for local not-for-profits. One is College Forward, a non-profit college coaching program that offers one-on-one support to students, eleventh grade through college graduation. Another is The Next to New Shop, a charitable consignment shop. Paul enjoys playing video games, riding motorcycles, and pursuing martial arts with his son. He’s also a skydiving enthusiast with more than 350 jumps to date.

Recorded At:

Keep Austin Agile 2018

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