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Windows Phone 30-To-Launch: Session 3 Data and Network Access


Chris Koenig



Chris Koenig is a Senior Evangelist with Microsoft on the Windows Phone team. His job is to help developers, designers, entrepreneurs, startups companies and organizations large and small to find success and riches in the Windows Phone application marketplace.

Prior to joining Microsoft in March of 2007, Chris worked as a Senior Architect for The Capital Group in San Antonio, and as a Solution Architect for the global solution provider Avanade. As an Architect and consultant, Chris worked with a variety of clients from many vertical markets, ISVs and other solution providers on enterprise-class Windows and web-based applications.

http://chriskoenig.net | @chriskoenig | [email protected]

Recorded At:

30 to Launch Dallas http://www.30tolaunch.com

View the entire Series:

Windows Phone 30-To-Launch: Session 1 Getting Started with Windows Phone Development
Windows Phone 30-To-Launch: Session 2 Exploring the Windows Phone Capabilities
Windows Phone 30-To-Launch: Session 3 Data and Network Access
Windows Phone 30-To-Launch: Session 4 Publishing your new WP Application!

4 Responses to “Windows Phone 30-To-Launch: Session 3 Data and Network Access”

  1. Alex Hoffman says:

    Sadly not really watchable because of the poor audio.

  2. Ivan Vetrov says:

    Regarding 1 nugget (embedded assemblies): why not use standard ILMerge?

  3. Will says:

    IL Merge has many shortcomings, is complex to use in an automated build environment, etc. It sucks, overall. Also, audio does blow horribly.

  4. ShawnWeisfeld says:

    apologies about the audio, that room had a huge echo, and lots of people chattering. . .

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