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When Strategy Needs Agile: Understanding Agile Operating Models


Stacey Louie


How does Agile fit into your company’s strategic plan? Often, companies attempt Agile without understanding the impact Agile will have on the three components that are core to the operation of their companies: Business Strategy, The Operating Model, Execution. When this happens, there are breakdowns in the operation which are evidenced by failed “Agile” projects, failed implementations, and frequently “Agile fatigue”. Moreover, executives are not aligned with the VALUE of Agile that enables companies to become marketplace leaders and dominate their competition. In this session, you’ll learn:
The foundations of Business Strategy, Operating Models, and Execution, The integrated relationship between Agile and Strategy, How Agile and Agile Operating Models work within this context, How to describe to Executives the impact of Agile to fix a broken Operating Model. You’ll walk away with a new language so that you can articulate Agile as it relates to Operational Strategy. Moreover, you’ll have tools to blend Agile into your operating model so that executives want to get more from your Agile transformation, or even better… build better products that your customers will love and at a workplace that your teams will enjoy.


Stacey Louie is an industry thought leader in Agile and Lean practices. As the CEO of Hyperdrive Agile, he’s consulted Silicon Valley’s leading technology firms to achieve excellence in the areas of Scrum, Kanban, Lean UX, and SAFe (Scaled Agile Framework). Stacey’s clients include PayPal, Prudential Financial, Cisco, HP, eBay/StubHub, Docusign, Humana, Tesla, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google, Nike and others. Prior to Hyperdrive, Stacey served as CIO at Verisk Analytics, LogicEase, and Stewart Technology. He also held product management positions at Oracle and Inxight Software/ Xerox PARC. Stacey is the founder of AgileCamp.Org and co-founder of the Silicon Valley Agile Leadership Network, North America’s largest Scrum Meet-up group. He can be contacted directly at [email protected]

Recorded At:

Keep Austin Agile 2018

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