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Glynn Brewer and Justin Self


The discussion describes various aspects concerning technical debt. High-level topics include what technical debt is, how it can be classified, appropriate use, and tracking. Speakers will conduct a discussion between themselves to highlight aspects of managing technical debt for both developers and Scrum Masters. In particular, the discussion explains particular situations that are appropriate for technical debt to be used and describes the techniques required for managing it. This talk takes a fresh look at technical debt and forwards some concepts that most developers or managers may have not previously considered. The talk will also compare the concept of technical debt to that of financial debt to provide the listener with better understanding of appropriate use of this development technique. The importance of tracking technical debt , along with methods to accomplish tracking are reviewed as well.


Computers have fascinated Glynn Brewer for as long as he can remember. Using them to solve business problems and streamline efficiencies that bring value to the business is both fun, challenging and very satisfying. I choose to major in Information Systems at the University of Houston so that I could turn my love of programming into a career. From there, I worked for AIG and Compaq (HP) before running a small software company for several years. After that and some consulting work, I went to work for an international services firm, moved to Los Angeles for a few years, and worked on several large projects. I learned many things while working there, among them a passion for Scrum and Agile software development.

Justin Self proudly declares himself a developer teammate. He is not a rock star. He is not a mad scientist. He’s not a midnight coder and he’s not the center of attention (well, sometimes he tries to be). Instead, he is dedicated to making teams better by being a better teammate and helping those around him grow. His love of creating better software is seconded only by his passion to help others make better software. He is a Believer and family man, originally from Tyler, TX and lives in Spring, TX with his wife and newborn son.

Recorded At:

AgileDotNext Houston 2014

Sponsored By:

Improving Enterprises

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