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Simplifying Package Management with NuGet


Casey Watson


It’s one of those headaches that you knew you had but, until now, never had a name for. It’s package management. If you’re a .NET developer and you’d like to take control of how you and your organization maintains, shares and uses application libraries, you owe it to yourself to take a look at NuGet, Microsoft’s answer to Ruby Gems. NuGet goes beyond simply adding references to your project and allows for fully automated configuration and setup of third-party libraries directly from within Visual Studio using either the GUI or Powershell. NuGet allows you to not only search through an ever-expanding catalog of application packages but also to discover new ones that can help you and your team be more productive. In this session, we’ll start by discussing package management from a high level, move on to installing, configuring and using NuGet from within the IDE and finally we’ll discuss how you can build your very own NuGet packages and distribute them either through the officialNuGet stream or your own private repository. By the end of the session, you should know all that you need to know to start taking advantage of this powerful and long overdue tool.


Casey Watson is a founding member of Konverge Labs (http://konvergelabs.com/), avid technologist and active contributor to the local mobile development community. For the last several years, Casey has been focused on helping customers realize business value through the development of engaging mobile experiences on the Android, iOS and Windows Phone platforms. As a member of the local development community, Casey believes in the value of exchanging knowledge and has presented at conferences and user groups across the South Central region including Agile.Net and TechX20. Recently his focus has been on developing and evangelizing AppLab, a development platform geared toward rapid application prototyping and native mobile development. While not blogging, coding, or updating his Twitter status (@_caseywatson), Casey enjoys spending time with his family and never turns down an ice cold bottle of Blue Moon.

Recorded At:

Ft. Worth .NET UG http://fwdnug.com

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