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Silverlight HTML Bridge with jQuery and ASP.NET MVC 3


Vince Blasberg


This meeting will focus on the Silverlight-HTML Bridge (JavaScript). We’ll look at leveraging Silverlight user controls in an MVC 3 web application with jQuery. We’ll see how to communicate between Silverlight and the browser in several different ways. The following list contains just a few reasons why we would want to use this often overlooked technology.

  • Use Existing Rich Silverlight Controls
  • Share HTML and Silverlight Data using jQuery Web Service Calls
  • Continue to Develop Rich Web Applications in Compiled C#
  • Extend Silverlight using HTML Popup Windows
  • Incrementally Move to HTML 5 and CSS3


Vince Blasberg is an independent software developer and founder of FreshMetrics, LLC., a full service software development firm specializing in System Integrations, Silverlight, and WPF development. He has spent over 19 years as a developer and architect on platforms such as AS/400, DOS, and Windows since version 3.0. For years, he has completed full development lifecycle on a variety of software product types including accounting, income tax, telecommunications, CRM, and eCommerce retail. Vince obtained an MCSD in the C++ / COM days as well as two masters’ degrees. He has spoken at several user groups on topics such as CLR Internals, Remoting, TSQL Optimization, DLINQ, SQLCLR Development, and Design Patterns. For two years, Vince was the leader of the Dallas C# SIG at http://dallas-csharp-sig.com. He occasionally blogs at http://VinceB@VinceB.com. Lately he’s been speaking and leading the Dallas XAML User Group (http://DallasXAML.com).

Recorded At:

Dallas XAML UG http://dallasxaml.com/

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