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Playing Containers with Azure Kubernetes Service


Joydeep Ghosh


Containerization had been around for quite a long time. Organizations have adapted
various strategies to orchestrate and manage containers for large scale applications. Azure
proudly brings hosted kubernetes environment called AKS, making it easy to deploy and manage
containerized applications. While every large scale applications are adapting Microservice architecture,
implementing the concept of containerization using some of the top Container Management
tools like docker, openshift and kubernetes has become one of the highest priorities for many
companies. Azure Kubernetes Service, brings out a whole new dimension in orchestrating
container management providing an easy, scalable and deployable solutions for containers. This
session showcase how we can provide an easy and seemless devops process for a .NET core
application implementing containerization strategy using Azure DevOps project, Docker, Azure
Container Registry and deploy the containers to Azure Kubernetes Service in short span of time.


Joydeep is a developer who has been involved in core .NET development platform for
many years. I have emerged myself from classic ASP 3.0 development during my initial years and
continued my pursuit with Microsoft technologies all these times. I am vary passionate on Cloud
computing and had been trying to expand my learning platform towards Microsoft Azure. I am a
blogger who likes to share the most of developer experience to the world through my blog


Recorded At:

2019 Austin Global Azure Bootcamp

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