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Performance & Load Testing


Allen Hurst & Long Mai


Agile teams can’t afford to wait until the end of a project to worry about performance. A successful agile team knows that non-functional requirements are just as important as functional requirements and formulates a definition of done that takes those requirements into account. This session will discuss how load and performance testing fits within an agile project and how to use Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate to determine whether your application will withstand the load of a production environment.

Topics Covered:

  • Performance testing in an agile environment
  • Formulating a performance testing plan
  • Implementing load tests in Visual Studio 2010
  • Evaluating load test results and behaviors


Allen Hurst is a Principal Consultant and the Assistant Director of Rural Sourcing at Improving Enterprises. As a committed Agilist and Certified ScrumMaster, Allen has spent his career learning, working, leading, and mentoring in a variety of environments, striving to recreate the positive experiences and learn from the negative ones. Along the way, Allen has found a fondness for continuous improvement, Agile values and practices, rapid delivery of quality working software, and well-designed object-oriented systems. Allen is a Computer Science graduate from Texas A&M, the leader of the Aggieland .NET User’s Group, an avid practitioner of GTD, and a producer of Improving Podcasts. You can learn a little more about Allen at ahurst.com

With video games, sports, and school, Long Bio built his love for challenge and competition. Am I the best at what I do? No. But I learn to accept failure, to learn and improve from my mistakes, and to keep on fighting. Speaking of fighting, I am a Fightin’ Texas Aggie class of 2008! I initially chose to go to A&M not because of its tradition, my friends, or a girl, but for my education and my career in engineering.

Conference Website:


Recorded By:

Todd Stone (http://www.toddastone.com/)

Recorded At:

Agile Dot Net (http://www.agiledotnet.com) hosted by Improving Enterprises (http://www.improvingenterprises.com/)

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